End Dolphin Shows in Spain -- NOW!

You won't believe what happens behind the flashy facade of dolphin shows. It's time we raise our voices for the voiceless and put an end to these marine circuses once and for all. United Earth Life is launching an End Dolphin Shows in Spain campaign and we need your help. Together, we can make a difference.

The Shrouded Shams of Sea Shows

Dolphins are majestic, intelligent beings. In the wild, they travel up to 100 miles a day, explore the vast ocean, live in complex social groups, and express their unique personalities. But in marine parks, their lives are a far cry from this natural state. They are confined to tiny concrete tanks, deprived of their freedom and their families, and forced to perform demeaning tricks for the amusement of spectators.

The Torments of Tank Life

The psychological and physical suffering these creatures endure is heart-wrenching. The stress of captivity leads to severe depression, disease, and premature death. The dolphins' natural sonar, which they use to explore and communicate, bounces back off the walls of the tanks, causing unimaginable torment. And let's not forget about the violent capture methods used to supply these marine parks with new "performers".

Spain's Shame: Profiting from Pain

Spain, a country renowned for its beautiful coasts and vibrant marine life, is tarnishing its reputation. It is tragically home to numerous facilities that shamefully exploit dolphins for profit.

These establishments, driven by greed and an outdated idea of entertainment, overlook the palpable suffering of these sentient creatures. Spanish dolphin shows are not just a blight on the landscape; they're a stain on Spain's conscience, presenting a version of the country that's far from the vibrant, progressive nation we know it to be.

We demand better. The dolphins deserve better. Spain must stop cashing in on cruelty and begin respecting the rights of all living beings.

Dolphin Exploiters: A National List of Dishonour

In Spain, there are many facilities that shamefully exploit dolphins for profit:

Marineland Mallorca
Marineland Catalunya, Barcelona
Palmitos Park, Gran Canaria
Aqualand Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Loro Parque, Tenerife
Mundomar Benidorm
L'Oceanogràfic, Valencia
Selwo Marina, Benalmádena
Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

The Hidden Horrors of 'Family-Friendly' Fun

These places portray themselves as family-friendly fun, but the reality is a grim tale of suffering and exploitation. It's time to expose the truth and bring an end to this cruelty.

YOU: The Change We Need

But we can't do it without YOU. We need you to join our cause and take a stand. Help us spread awareness about the truth behind dolphin shows. Share our campaign on social media. Talk to your friends, family, and anyone willing to listen about the reality of these marine parks. Write to these facilities, demand change, and refuse to support them with your money. Sign our petition.

Ditch the Dolphin Shows: Join the Revolution

It's time for a change. It's time to show the world that we won't stand by while these intelligent, sentient beings are exploited for entertainment.

Join United Earth Life's End Dolphin Shows in Spain campaign today. Be part of the solution. Help us give dolphins the freedom they deserve.

Join the Fight: #EndDolphinShowsinSpain NOW!

Together for the Earth. Together for Life. Together for Freedom.

Let's make a difference. Let's #EndDolphinShowsinSpain. NOW.