United Earth Life is demanding change: A world where humans no longer exploit animals for food or "entertainment". This outdated reality destroys our environment, threatens our health and subjects innocent beings to unthinkable cruelty. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are united in our fight for a free and compassionate life for all Earth's creatures. Welcome to the revolution. Stand with us. SUPPORT UNITED EARTH LIFE TODAY.

Animal Rights: No Less Important than Human Rights

A Declaration of Animal Rights exists, just like for humans. Crafted in 2011, this manifesto shakes us awake, highlighting that all Earth-dwelling beings share common origins, needs, feelings and deserve the same respect.

Despite our dominance, humans are just a blip in the rich tapestry of animal life. Yet we dictate the fates of billions.

The declaration makes it clear: All animals have the same natural right to exist, free from hunger, fear and distress. They deserve a life untouched by human greed, a life in their natural environment, with their families. They're not commodities for us to exploit or exterminate.

Crucially, any act jeopardising an animal's wellbeing should be considered a crime. Join us in signing the Declaration of Animal Rights and help make their rights just as inviolable as ours.

Sign the Declaration of Animal Rights

The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness

Which animals have the capacity for conscious experience? While much uncertainty remains, some points of wide agreement have emerged.

First, there is strong scientific support for attributions of conscious experience to other mammals and to birds.

Second, the empirical evidence indicates at least a realistic possibility of conscious experience in all vertebrates (including reptiles, amphibians, and fishes) and many invertebrates (including, at minimum, cephalopod mollusks, decapod crustaceans, and insects).

Third, when there is a realistic possibility of conscious experience in an animal, it is irresponsible to ignore that possibility in decisions affecting that animal. We should consider welfare risks and use the evidence to inform our responses to these risks.

Why Choose Plants Over Meat?

Embracing a plant-based lifestyle not only benefits your health but also helps our planet heal. By choosing plants over meat, you can actively contribute to reducing the harmful carbon emissions generated by the meat and dairy industries, and save precious animal lives in the process.

Did you know the meat industry is one of the significant contributors to global warming and climate change? It's also a substantial drain on our precious water resources. Transitioning to a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways you can help combat these pressing environmental issues.

The world is moving towards a more sustainable future, and you can too. Begin your journey towards a healthier life and a more resilient planet with us today. Because every meal counts when it's for the Earth's sake.

If you're ready to take the leap but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. Check out our Vegan Starter Guide for practical tips, delicious recipes and more. Let's join the Vegolution together!


Making the World a Better Place for All Animals

Animal Advocacy Campaigns

Animal Advocacy Campaigns

Using a blend of journalism, PR and multichannel options, we create and execute highly effective animal advocacy campaigns that result in real change in animals' lives. 



We go undercover and investigate cases of animal suffering and cruelty, so we can reveal them to the world and help create better conditions for the animals.  

Community Outreach Programmes

Community Outreach Programmes

We connect with people and organisations to develop community outreach programmes that raise awareness and promote animal welfare and rights.

Support the Plant-Based Treaty with United Earth Life

At United Earth Life, we passionately support the Plant Based Treaty, a grassroots campaign driving a shift from animal agriculture towards healthier, sustainable plant-based diets. This global movement, mirroring the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, seeks to stop environmental degradation and redirect our focus to sustainable food systems.

The Plant Based Treaty advocates for halting the expansion of animal agriculture and promoting plant-based foods, and it also stresses the restoration and resilience of our key ecosystems. It's a bold call to governments, businesses and individuals to participate in combating climate change through our food choices.

Join us in endorsing the Plant Based Treaty and influencing change. Your support matters—sign the treaty here. Together, we can forge a sustainable path for our planet's future, one meal at a time.

Speak Up for Animals

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