No More Spectacle of Suffering: Stand Up for Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán!

The time has come to end orca shows at Loro Parque in Tenerife -- and YOU can help make this a reality. At United Earth Life, we've made it our mission to shed light on the pain behind the performance. We're spearheading a campaign to put an end to the exploitation of these magnificent creatures. And we're doing it for Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán.

Behind the Curtain of 'Entertainment'

These four orcas, living in the confines of Loro Parque, are a far cry from their natural habitat. In the wild, orcas travel vast distances, engage in complex social interactions, and express their unique personalities. Here, they are reduced to mere spectacle, their true natures stifled.

The Pain Behind the Performance

The feats of strength and agility you see in the shows? That's not "education" or "entertainment" -- it's a haunting display of what we've stolen from these sentient beings. We've ripped them from their ocean homes, separated them from their families, and confined them to concrete pools for our amusement. And it's not just the orcas -- Loro Parque also hosts dolphin shows, another act in this grim circus.

Our Cause: Freedom for the Orcas

We follow in the footsteps of people who led the successful campaign to end theatrical orca shows at SeaWorld Orlando. Now, we must do the same for Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán. We need to release them from their concrete prison and return them to their rightful home -- the vast, open ocean.

Your Voice Matters: Take Action Today

That's where you come in. We need YOU to join our cause. Share our campaign on your social media platforms. Engage with Loro Parque on their social media channels -- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- and demand change. Refuse to support their orca and dolphin shows with your money.

Stand with United Earth Life. Stand with Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán. It's time to show Loro Parque, and the world, that we won't stand idly by while these intelligent beings are exploited for entertainment.

Sign the Petition: Be Their Voice

One more step you can take is to sign our petition calling for Loro Parque to end their cruel orca captivity and shows. Let your signature be a voice for Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán. Let it send a message to Loro Parque, and the world, that we demand better treatment for these magnificent creatures. Your signature will add to the collective pressure on Loro Parque to do right by these orcas.

Join the Fight: #EndOrcaShowsInTenerife

Let's be their voice. Let's give Morgan, Keto, Tekoa and Adán the freedom they deserve. Join our campaign to End Orca Shows in Tenerife. Together, we can make a difference. Together for the Earth. Together for Life. Together for Freedom.

Make your stand now. #EndOrcaShowsInTenerife. Let's get them back to the ocean, where they belong.