'Peas, Love and Understanding': Inspiring Voices on Veganism and Its Deep-Rooted Philosophy

Jul 14, 2023

Amid the ongoing evolution of global consciousness, the vegan ethos is emerging not merely as a dietary choice but as a compassionate philosophy and a way of life. Its reach extends beyond the kitchen, influencing our attitudes towards the environment, animal rights, personal health and sustainability. To distinguish it from the diet-focused narrative, the term "plant-based" is now often used to describe the culinary aspect. Let's delve into the profound wisdom of somer eminent voices advocating veganism.

Joaquin Phoenix: Unmasking Our Ego

"We go into the natural world, and we plunder it for its resources... We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby... And then we take her milk that's intended for her calf, and we put it in our coffee and our cereal."

Joaquin Phoenix's passionate articulation throws light on our deep-seated anthropocentrism, challenging us to reflect on our relationship with other sentient beings. His perspective invites us to question our sense of entitlement over nature's bounty, underlining the essence of veganism — a philosophy of respect and non-exploitation, a call for recognition of the intrinsic value of all life.

Gary L. Francione: The Joy of Veganism

"Veganism is Not a Sacrifice. It is a Joy."

American legal scholar Gary L. Francione encapsulates the joy and positivity that the vegan lifestyle brings. This quote repositions veganism not as a path of renunciation, but as one of embracement. It invites us to a way of life where empathy, respect, and kindness define our interactions with the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci: A Vision for the Future

"The Time Will Come When Men Such as I Will Look Upon the Murder of Animals as They Now Look Upon the Murder of Men."

Da Vinci's prophetic words highlight a core aspect of vegan philosophy—the belief in the intrinsic value of all life forms. His vision encourages us to perceive a future where harm towards animals is as reprehensible as harm towards humans, echoing the vegan ethos of compassion and respect for all beings.

Harvey Diamond: Questioning our Nature

"You Put a Baby in a Crib with an Apple and a Rabbit. If it Eats the Rabbit and Plays with the Apple, I'll Buy You a New Car."

Harvey Diamond's quote challenges the perceived 'naturalness' of consuming meat, proposing that our true nature may instead be aligned with peaceable plant-based living. This reflects the vegan philosophy's ability to question, and reshape, widely accepted yet ethically problematic behaviours.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: The Path to Inner Peace

"Veganism is Not About Giving Anything Up or Losing Anything; It is About Gaining the Peace Within Yourself..."

Through her inspiring words, author and speaker Colleen Patrick-Goudreau highlights the transformative journey of veganism. Embracing this philosophy brings alignment between our actions and beliefs, leading to profound inner peace. It's about discovering the joy that comes from living in harmony with one's values and the world around us.

George Bernard Shaw: Friendship Beyond Humanity

"Animals are my Friends... and I Don't Eat My Friends."

The wit of playwright George Bernard Shaw succinctly encapsulates the simple yet profound principle of compassion that underscores veganism. This ethos extends friendship and empathy beyond human beings, acknowledging and respecting the sentient nature of our fellow earthlings.

Alicia Silverstone: A Clue to Health and Compassion

"Being vegan helped me realise I can say and do what I believe is right. That's powerful."

Actress Alicia Silverstone highlights the empowering aspect of the vegan lifestyle. It's about, she says, living in alignment with one's values, resulting in a life of conviction, courage and compassion.

Lewis Hamilton: Racing Towards Compassion

"I feel the best I've ever felt physically and mentally... All of my blood results are amazing... My energy levels are the highest they've ever been."

In the fast-paced world of Formula One racing, Lewis Hamilton stands as a testament to the vitality and strength that can be derived from a vegan lifestyle. His remarkable athletic performance and sustained endurance are proof positive of the health benefits of a plant-based diet. As an outspoken advocate for animal rights and environmental sustainability, Hamilton's commitment to veganism extends beyond personal health, embodying a holistic vision of compassion, ethical responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Natalie Portman: A Vegan Awakening

"Everyone has to find what is right for them, and it is different for everyone. Eating for me is how you proclaim your beliefs three times a day. That is why I eat the way I do."

Natalie Portman, an award-winning actress, speaks about the personal nature of our dietary choices. She portrays eating as an expression of our beliefs, hence emphasising the intimate link between our plates and our principles.

A Philosophy, A Way of Life

At its heart, veganism is a philosophy of empathy, compassion and respect — as we say at United Earth life, we are not the only creatures on Earth. It calls upon us to redefine our relationship with the planet and its inhabitants, urging us to consider the ripple effects of our actions. Embracing veganism means we acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life and strive to minimise harm in all forms.

The culinary part of this philosophy, often described as "plant-based", is about nourishing the body with foods that cause the least harm and offer the most benefit. But the vegan ethos expands beyond diet—it pervades every aspect of life.

Whether it's the clothes we wear, the products we buy or the entertainment we choose, being vegan means consistently striving to make choices that are in harmony with our commitment to compassion and sustainability.

By embedding these principles in our daily lives, we sow the seeds for a healthier self and a more compassionate, sustainable world. These inspiring quotes serve as signposts on this rewarding journey, illuminating the path to a more empathetic and conscious existence on our United Earth.